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Deknudt Autoparts

About us

We buy cars damaged in accidents from insurance compagnies, experts, Informex and private individuals and then we dismantle them at our accredited center. we recover the spare parts, second-hand parts and body-work parts so that we can offer them at highly competitive prices.

Our business :
  • Purchase and sale of recently-manufactured cars damaged in accidents.
  • Sale of new and recently-manufactured second-hand parts.

Deknudt SA ...

So that reusing parts can help you with your budget

Where do the vehicle parts we offer come from?

From insurance companies.

  • We work with insurance companies and this means that every day automobile expert appraisal send us offers to bid for vehicles stored all over Belgium. Our company bids for as many of the vehicles as we are able to see. At the end of the bidding process, by agreement with the owner, the dealer who offers the most can acquire the vehicle he has bid for.
  • We ourselves handle the daily collection of our vehicles, within a maximum of one week after the close of bidding.


From private individuals.

  • When the insurance companies decide not to pay out on their claims, private individuals contact our company to sell their written-off vehicles.

What can these vehicles be used for? Most of our vehicles are sold to professionals working in the motor industry, such as dealers, bodywork firms, etc. but we do not overlook private individuals who can sometimes pick up a bargain by buying a written-off vehicle (those of them who have the souls – and hands! – of mechanics).

We obviously sell all over Belgium but also across Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Finland, etc.) and we even export to Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, etc.


Deknudt SA... Two divisions – two departments

Cleaned-up wrecks

Spare parts

Our team

Our team of twenty people work totally independently and handle all of the work required for the dismantling and cleaning up of the vehicles selected by our buyers. Our sales staff make sure that they offer the very best value for money on the market. Our specialists are given regular training in new motor vehicle dismantling, cleaning up and processing techniques as recommended by the supervisory institutions.

Our shop

Our shop is open from 8 to 12 a.m. and from 1 to 6 p.m. every day except at weekends and on public holidays !

Our business

Dismantling of vehicles damaged in accidents

Our team of mechanics are constantly upgrading their skills and also have top-of-the-range infrastructures and cutting-edge technical equipment allowing them to isolate every component of a vehicle so that they can give it a second life.

Once the vehicle has been cleaned up, it goes to the workshop where our team of mechanics remove all the mechanical parts and metalwork on the vehicle which are in good enough condition, such as engines, gearboxes, cardan joints, steering racks, shock absorbers, radiators, interiors, instruments, doors, bumpers, etc.

Please note that it is no longer allowed for customers to ensure himself dismantling of the parts he wants.

Accredited clean-up centre

Once the vehicle has been dismantled : we are left with the structure (and remaining components), which is added to our stock, where customers themselves can remove any parts they have been unable to find in our shop, and the residual waste, which is sent on for disposal or recycling. the residual waste, which is sent on for disposal or recycling. N.B. it is important to point out that the area where we store our stock covers an area of 5 hectares and is fully drained and channelled; any residual liquids go via a hydrocarbon decanting device.

Reconditioning and storage

Before it is purchased, each part will be placed on suitable shelves in the storage area and in our well-organised shop. The parts are cleaned and carefully laid out by brand and model; the main mechanical parts are under guarantee, which means that every single one of them is checked to make sure that it is in perfect working order.

Testing and tuning of engines

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Our accreditations

Deknudt SA is a centre accredited by the Walloon Region as a clean-up workshop for motor vehicles which have been damaged in accidents.


Purchase and sale of recently-manufactured cars damaged :

Sale of new and recently-manufactured second-hand parts  :